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The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data Pack is available to physician practices and hospitals for incorporation into electronic medical record systems. This product is offered with an annual license fee. Throughout the term of the license agreement, the licensee will have access to updated data 24/7 via the GLMS website. A password will be assigned to each licensee for usage.  There must be at least one GLMS member in the practice to purchase the EMR Data Pack.  Data includes the following:

name of GLMS member
member identification number
office addresses
telephone numbers
fax numbers
NPI numbers
Email addresses are not included to protect members from potential spam.

Physician Practices
(based on number of physicians in practice location)
  1 - 4     $   299

(based on number of physicians in practice location)     1 - 4     $   299


  5 - 9     $   749

10 - 14     $1,149

15 - 19     $1,549

20 & up    $1,949



Each Hospital Facility  $5,000

Please call or email Cheri K. McGuire, Director of Marketing, at 502.736.6336 or cheri.mcguire@glms.org for more information.